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AT Jatlee, our strengths are discovering, developing and delivering the very best in administrative and production procedures to give to you a premium quality rice, keeping us leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors

Along way the process, we follow a very rigorous TQM regime, stringent enough to enable us to export to the world’s most quality conscious markets like Japan and USA. The TQM is designed to help us meet the world’s most stringent hygienic standards. Our quality control laboratory is fully equipped with the latest tools required to control quality at milling as well as processing and packaging stages. Every stage of the process conforms to international parameters of excellence ensuring the highest level of food safety, making the reliability of our rice unsurpassed around the world. To further build on the confidence, we also provide our clients the facility of using well-known name like SGS, Intertek and Bureau Veritas for the purpose of inspection, testing, and verification.

We are a brand behind the brands. Therefore, we have dedicated team for the provision of product development services to help all our customers with product development, customization and packaging according to their requirements. For instance, our in-house marketing team always available to assist in the bag design creative process. To further facilitate our clients, we also have established a network of our representatives for most of the major consuming regions.

Over the years, we have developed deep expertise in efficiently transporting bulk commodities and finished products between continents and across countries. We have a team of experienced personnel that help us manage end-to-end logistics at a global scale to secure significant efficiencies of scale. In addition, we have also developed in-house expertise in shipping and logistics management, using innovative hedging tools to effectively gain operational efficiency, manage volatility, reduce costs, and ship products safely. In addition, we also maintain relationship with a network of providers who specialize in time-sensitive shipping. We’ll help get your products where they need to be, when you need them.

With a production capacity of around 500 tons per day due to our additional modern milling plant, along with extensive modern warehousing facilities and various quality control units, we are able take full control of quality, consistency and timing of our products. Huge quantities of rice is moved through our robust distribution network to strategically located warehouses and silos facilities to protect against non-availability risks and create cost efficiencies Additionally, we are able to share knowledge across all our products and divisions, enabling us to take advantage of our competencies and expertise to create value-added offerings for our customers.

We carry our heritage of farming and origination by cultivating our rice before processing. In order to fulfill ever-increasing demand of our clients, we procure conventional products from dedicated agriculture suppliers and farmers, and organic products from contracted farmers to meet your needs.  We also make investments on selective basis to secure long-term supplies to provide you utmost satisfaction.

We also have teams dedicated to researching every aspect of our products, from soil and weather conditions to consumption trends.  A number of our farms apportioned solely for research purposes reflect on our long-term strategy to continuously innovate in the field of agricultural commodities and set higher benchmarks for our procurement division and the industry.