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JATLEE is committed to adopting advanced and cutting edge technology, where we endorse higher standards to satisfy our customers.


Excellent food starts with the raw material that goes into it.


Equipped with up-to-date knowledge of rice paddy supply and demand in major growing and consumption areas, our rice team has built up solid expertise in procurement of high quality rice.

The strategic location of our factory ensures effective procurement and transportation of rice paddy from specially identified growing areas thereby reducing the risk of transit damage to the delicate grain of rice.

Right from the selection of grains to the time its stored for perfect aging, paddy grains are checked, evaluated and certified by our team of purchasers, unloaders and lab experts as per our TQM guidelines. To ensure the very best quality, our team has installed a complete modern lab for paddy and rice.


The fine quality paddy goes through a number of sophisticated processes with the aim to bring our customers the exquisite cooking experience of Pakistani rice


The rice is meticulously milled, aged, and conserved to preserve its natural taste and aroma to ensure perfection. This is made possible by our state of the art infrastructure of the company which includes 3 rice mills fully equipped with latest and advanced technological machines with an installed capacity to produce/process 25 metric tons of processed rice per hour.

The machineries consist of dryers to control moisture content of paddy at milling stage followed by pre-cleaners, de-stoners and set of whiteners to ensure homogeneous whiteness of rice.

The mill is also equipped with complete processing lines comprising of multiple stage graders, sifters, reels for rejections/shriveled grains, pneumatic and silky polish machine, length/width graders for providing homogeneous length of rice and modern color sorter for sorting of damaged grains.

Additionally, storage capacity of 60000 tons for paddy within the mills premises and our warehouses have allowed us to setup custom-built fumigation chambers to ensure proper fumigation of rice both at raw and finished stages.

Human health is our utmost priority, and in our production facilities, we make sure the hygiene environment is maintained in all stages of production. Our emphasis on quality has also earned us various accreditation.