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We have learned to connect with the worldthrough the language of food.

With an increasing demand for quality food products, we have earned the credit of being a committed supplier of premium quality food products through our vast network.One of our main products in the food division is rice.


Good nutrition is ensured in every grain.

Rice production has been part of Pakistan’s history for more than 100 years and today Pakistan is one of the largest exporters of rice worldwide. Our rice division was envisioned with the intent of sharing this abundant wealth with the whole world.

We are one of Pakistan’s finest rice producers and exporters, offering a diverse assortment of basmati and non-basmati rice varieties. We believe in providing affordable and premium quality rice to our client on timely shipments. Our experience of generations of professionals for more than three decades combined with technologically advanced manufacturing facilities and techniques attested by well-known certifiers enable us to deliver what we promise.

Our main objective is to achieve your utmost satisfaction. Our highly developed network of sourcing, processing, transporting, storage and distribution assets helps us achieve this objective and increases our control of product flow from farm to fork.

Over the years, We have developed significant expertise in handling differentiated products that sustain their distinctiveness in overseas markets. We have currently exported to more than 20 countries.