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We are in the business of agro commodities and global trade is at the heart of our business. Established in Pakistan, JATLEE COMMODITIES (PRIVATE) LIMITED, a family owned business, is known as one of the most reputed name in the field of agro based products with the promise of delivering the right product with right service at the right place on the right time. We compete on price and quality, but our highest priority is to offer the services you need to be successful.

We facilitate the sourcing, processing, financing, storing, blending, transporting, marketing and the delivery of agro based commodities that shapes us, our future and the world around us. We value each stage in the value chain from selection to delivery to provide high quality with utmost satisfaction.

In today’s volatile and challenging environment, we are one of only a handful of companies with both the global reach and financial strength to ensure the delivery against the commitments not only today, but also well into the future.

We currently have our marketing offices in Karachi, Singapore and New York.

Our portfolio of products includes rice, cotton, wheat, sesame seeds, grains, oilseeds, spices and pulses. The products are divided into three divisions.