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We are in the business of agro commodities and global trade is at the heart of our business. Established in Pakistan, JATLEE COMMODITIES (PRIVATE) LIMITED, a family owned business, is known as one of the most reputed name in the field of agro based products with the promise of delivering the right product with right service at the right place on the right time. We compete on price and quality, but our highest priority is to offer the services you need to be successful

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Our Vision

Our vision is unchanging: We aspire to be the Standard of Excellence.  We aim to be the best in the industry in terms of quality, price and customer service, thereby setting higher benchmarks for the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most reliable and efficient rice producer and exporter in Pakistan and around the world. We are committed to grow in a consistent and sustainable manner.

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Basmati Rice



IRRI 6 Long Grain White Rice is a non-basmati variety that is cultivated in Sindh, Pakistan. This long grain variety is the second tier to Irri-9 and also does not carry aroma.When cooked, it has a firm texture and gives a high volume of cooked rice.



IRRI 9 is the top tier amongst non-basmati long grain white rice varieties. It has good grain length and colour and also does not carry aroma. Many people prefer the muggy touch this rice has to offer.


KS 82

KS 82 is the Sindh rice variety also termed as DR Rice or 282 rice. KS 82 rice falls within the category of non-basmati rice. It’s lightly superior to IRRI 6 rice quality. The reason for liking…

Non - Basmati Rice


Super Basmati

Super Basmati Rice is the second tier basmati from selected regions of Punjab and Sindh province. This recipe of Super calls for a blend that entails affordable pricing with quick movements in Wholesale and Supermarket stores.



1121 extra-long grain carries exceptional taste, extra-long slender edgy shaped grains while upon cooking the grains become even longer for a delicious and special occasion treat to guests and family.


PK 385

PK 385 Basmati Rice originates from selected regions of the province of Punjab, having naturally high aroma, good taste & cooking and very reasonable price as compared to the top-notch basmati grades.